Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Hey, gang!

I've been out of town for the beginning of September, but now I've returned with renewed vigor for art and life. I guess the west coast will do that to an east-coaster.

In any case, I began my music theatre class this week at the Studio Theatre Acting Conservatory in DC. I've only been to one session, but judging from the vibes, I think I'm going to enjoy it and everyone seems very eager to learn. No egoes, all heart.

In addition to that, I begin teaching my Shakespeare after-school class for elementary school students next week. I feel very good about my planning and how I've structured the class, all I need now are the eager students.

Also, next week I'll be dressed up as this cuddly guy:

in Fairfax, VA. Should be pretty fun!

Lastly, I hope you've noticed to the left of these entries you'll see my new headshots (if you're viewing this in Wordpress, go here to see them). I've resized and uploaded a few to randomly come up every time the site is accessed and will soon update the headshots page with the new shots. Please enjoy!