Monday, August 6, 2012


I recently celebrated a li'l anniversary with the Maryland Ensemble Theatre.  It marks my first full year as a company member there, but their 15th year as a company.  I've had such an awesome time and am only looking forward to what comes next.

I wrote a li'l blog about it for them, ya wanna hear it?  Check it out here, g'wan, click it!

They really know how to make artists feel welcome, and I've been given the chance to exercise my puppeteering and directing muscles, not to mention being challenged as an actor in roles that I'd only imagined having and creating work amongst other artists with such drive you can't help but be motivated.  Opportunities, challenges, and collaboration.  Three things I strive to cultivate as an artist, and thus far all three have been overwhelmingly satisfied.  I'm hoping you'll join us this season, we've got some awesome work coming up.

In the meantime, I'm hatching some ideas for their children's season (puppet-related), and I'm working on a little project of my own... more to come on that when it's taken a more definitive shape.