Monday, December 21, 2009

Drawing to a close

Hi friends,

You know, I always intend to update more often than I'm able, but I usually find I'm kept busy with work and acting and personal projects, so I neglect to take the time to sit down and blog about my accomplishments. I figure being busy isn't too bad a thing, but I always want to be sure those of you that check up here have an idea of what in the world is keeping me so busy!

Earlier this month, I performed some excerpts from the shows I've been in with Deviated Theatre at their first annual Storyteller's GALA at the American Dance Institute in Rockville. On the second night of the GALA, we had our first snow of the [fall] season, which may have affected our audiences, but we still had a good amount of attendees who were very responsive! My friends Dean and Sutisa Storm showed up, as well as Mary and Regan Garcia. They drove all the way from Baltimore in the hazardous weather, which I appreciated tremendously!! The two-night GALA was great fun, with catered food from the Ambrosia Grille Restaurant and Whole Foods, a wine ring-toss, and silent auction, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and got to go home with some awesome prizes and presents.

Since then, I've been working a lot before winter break- and just recently I've worked a few events with Carbone Entertainment. It seems there's a lot going on this time of year with the holidays, so already I've had quite a few gigs in the past three weeks! I'm definitely looking forward to doing more work with her company as it's really creative and engaging, which two things I enjoy about this business.

I'm still auditioning for shows around the area and I just accepted a role in a staged reading by Miriam Gonzales of Young Playwrights' Theater that's going to be happening in January at Sidwell Friends school. I can run more information on that once I've had more time to take in the script, but check back here for further details.

On the visual arts side, I'm working on illustrating a children's book for Joann McKinney of the Greater Homewood Community Corporation in Baltimore. I'm still in the early stages, working on a storyboard of sorts for the book, but perhaps I'll post some work in progress here later on down the line.

For now though, I think I'll actually take a break from all this busy-ness and enjoy my [SNOW!] day off with a little bit of retro gaming. :)


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Deviants and Doritos

I wanted to write and let you all know what's been happening in the past few weeks with my career, as I've been shifting gears very quickly as fall changes to winter! Plus, I have a special event coming up the first weekend of December that I'd like to let you all know about.

The third weekend of October, I opened and closed "LORE" with Deviated Theatre at my alma mater, UMBC. I had been working and rehearsing non-stop through most of September and October, so I did not get the show announcement out as timely as I'd hoped, but regardless, we had a wonderful audience all three nights; I believe Friday we may have been at 80% capacity, Saturday was possibly sold-out and I know Sunday we over-sold-out! The show itself had evolved since it's run in June '09 and was like an entirely new experience with new moments as well as new cast members.

I spent a day shooting two 30-second commercials for the Doritos "Crash the Superbowl" contest in late October. The winner of the contest gets their Doritos commercial shown during the Superbowl. Viewer voting doesn't begin until January 5, 2009, but if you'd like to check out the commercials themselves, they can be found at the following links, since garnering views and some positive comments certainly can't hurt our chances! :)

(Please feel free to skip through the flash intro as it will take you directly to the video)


"Chip Fumble:"

Up next for me is Deviated Theatre's first annual fundraising event called the "Storyteller's Gala:"

[The Gala will] be held at American Dance Institute on December 4th and 5th, 2009. The GALA will include highlights from several of Kimmie Dobbs Chan and Enoch Chans' stories: Aspiro-step into curiosity and LORE‐ A MYSTERY AWAITS, as well as an exciting new version of their 30 minute short TOKEN-the stakes are altered, and a preview of an entirely new piece entitled SWAY. Silent auction, games, and prizes accompany the performances, along with a strolling violinist, life-size cutouts of the Chans' original and
adapted characters, a full gallery display of Enoch Chan's photography, food and wine.

(((By the way, the items we've collected for the gala auction range from chic dinnerware and restaurant gift cards to high-end makeup kits and museum tickets; so be sure to come and check out the auction!)))

Friday December 4th: Gala party 7-10pm, with a performance at 8:00 pm

Saturday December 5th: Gala party from 5-10 pm, with performances at both 5:30 pm and 8:30 pm.

Tickets can be ordered by calling 301-984-3003 or by downloading a ticket order form from

Until November 20th: $25 general admission, $15 students.
November 21st and after: $32 general admission, $15 students.

Dress is semi‐formal.

You can also find DEVIATED THEATRE'S Storyteller's GALA on Facebook:

Take care, and hope to see some of you at the gala in a few weeks!


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Day Off for Recovery & Reflection


Crowne Plaza Hotel in Timonium - this year's locale for the Mid-Atlantic Actor/Model Expo.

'Afternoon ladies and gents!

I've had a pretty busy October already and it seems my body's paying for it today. Thankfully it's not any kind of flu as I don't have a fever or any aches or chills and I've already gotten the basic flu shot (woohoo!). This article here may give you an insight to how I (and perhaps you) may be feeling as of late.

Today's my day off to recover and catch up on some acting-business work that I need to attend to. I spent this past weekend doing several things. On Friday night, I caught "The Game of Love and Chance" at 1st Stage Spring Hill in McLean. I've been watching this company grow since last August and I have to say every show has consistently impressed me. Some of the best acting and directorial work I've seen in the area. If you haven't been by there for a show, I highly recommend it.

Saturday I spent rehearsing for Deviated Theatre's "LORE," which went wonderfully. We decided to experiment with running the show whilst incorporating a bit of mask work, something we hadn't done yet as a cast. The results were quite interesting and forced everyone to become more innovative in their physical approach and creative in their roles. In our end of rehearsal pow-wow we shared our experiences and everyone seemed to benefit from "hiding" themselves and letting their character fully take over. It's moments like that when performers are 100% absorbed and dedicated to being someone else that puts me intoa rapture or zone of sorts; whether I'm watching or participating. It's what I do this for. We open in 2 and a half weeks and it's thrilling to still be able to discover new things a year into the process.

Sunday I spent about three hours at the Mid-Atlantic Actor/Model Expo hosted by Brian Dragonuk at the Crowne Plaza in Timonium. I had been hearing about the event for the past month and thankfully my Sunday was open and I was able to attend. I prepped a bunch of resumes, cover letters, and packed a chunk of flyers for LORE as well as a stack of business cards. Let me tell you, because I was ready, I had an extremely productive three hours! I met with several casting agencies and handed them my materials; something I would probably not have been as comfortable with three years ago when I just graduated from UMBC. Since I've been doing my research and have a better grasp on the DC/MD/VA scene, I was happy to be able to submit myself and meet these casting directors in person.

I also said hello to some familiar faces and saw college friends as well as friends I've met through auditions or work in the area. Of course I made some new friends as well; I had a delightful talk with Craig Herron of Herron Designs about the 29 Days Later Film Project, animation, and puppets; including some talk about Tim Burton and Ray Harryhausen, which was awesome! I also had the chance to meet and talk with Brenna McDonough about her classes which I've been interested in taking for quite a while, my schedule (as busy as it is) be damned. Here's hoping this fall/winter will be more promising. I even got to meet Joe Ripple of Time Warp Films. I had attended a workshop of his last summer at Horrorfind Weekend at UMUC (see blog post: Tips to Solve Your Issues with HORROR). I really respect his advice not only because of his film experience, but also because of his background as a cop. He really outlined last summer what actors should expect in terms of safety on the set when it comes to filming actors in vulnerable or exposing scenes.

There seemed to be a few press people wandering around the event as well, filming things, so it seemed like the event got pretty good coverage. I ended up giving some of my thoughts to William Powell of the DC Examiner for an article of his as well as giving a filmed testimonial of me geeking out over the Dragonuk Connects mailing lists. The latter may be featured on Brian's new website and we'll see if they keep the part where I totally nerd out at the end. :)

All I can say is, if you weren't there this year, you should absolutely go next year!

Speaking of which, I'll be taking some time now to update my contacts with all of the new connections I made. Back to the grind, but I definitely feel renewed after this weekend, loving what I do and just learning that when you embrace your opportunities and possibilities, they're right there to embrace you back.


Monday, September 21, 2009

"Broken Wings" Clip

This has been up on the video page since earlier this month, but I just thought I'd bring it to your attention here. Just below is a clip from the short film I did back in July with Running Storm Productions. This clip is an interesting one because it shows some humor that we inserted into the otherwise creepy, dramatic story. We also get a good look at the bird makeup I worked on, so give it a look-see:

Scene from Broken Wings from Regan Garcia on Vimeo.

Dean and Regan did a fantastic job in editing... I couldn't be happier with how it looks!


Thursday, September 3, 2009

"Do Some Magic!" trailers are up

Peter and Matthew Wood, excellent magicians and good friends of mine, have posted trailers for their "Do Some Magic!" How-to series online. I'm featured in the DVDs as a party guest who participates in some of Peter's coolest tricks. Take a peek at the previews:

"Do Some Magic! Party Magic" Preview

"Do Some Magic! Table Magic" Preview

If you're interested in purchasing the DVDs, they can be bought through the Do Some Magic! Store! I'll soon be adding these previews to my videos page on my website.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

"Broken Wings" & the 29 Days Later Film Project

Summer's already on it's way out and as per usual, it seems that I've been busy!

At the end of June, Deviated Theatre's production of "LORE" went up for an evening at Bishop Ireton in Alexandria. The space was enormous and for having as short a marketing period as we did, it worked out well: we pulled in a good crowd and turned in a good amount of donations from our ever-popular baked goods & concessions table.

In July, I found myself as part of Deviated Theatre's Mash-up project, "Token," for the Source Festival. The short piece revolved around several characters at a bus stop who come across a special Token that gives them everything they ever wanted... but for each character, it gives them something that perhaps they weren't bargaining for...

Of course I won't be spoiling it for you here, as you can come check out "Token" for yourself at UMBC this October along with "LORE". I'll be posting more information about it here once we're closer to opening.

I also had the great pleasure this July of FINALLY being able to make it to several productions in the Capital Fringe Festival! Of the 100+ performances that were going on in the area, I caught "Please Listen: A Musical Chaos" (Open Drawer Theatre Company), "Headscarf and the Angry Bitch" (Zehra Fazal), "Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead" (Nu Sass Productions) and "Skywriter" (Angry Young Theatre Company).

Dean Storm, myself, and Sutisa Storm at the Creative Alliance at the Patterson in Baltimore

Towards the end of July, I spent a weekend shooting a short film with Running Storm Productions. Dean Storm, the director, along with Dawn Campbell, are organizers of the inaugural 29 Days Later Film Project, in which filmmakers are given a specific prop and 29 days to write, cast, produce, shoot, and edit their films. This is much like the 48 hour film festival, but with more time, the filmmakers have a longer opportunity to polish their works.

Dean contacted me and formulated a script around my makeup design for "The Birds". My character became the lead and I was happy to be able to have the opportunity to work on a longer piece of work (the abridged edit is about 22 minutes), but also I was proud to have one of my original makeup designs featured. Dean and DP Regan Garcia did a magnificent job editing and with some camera and post-production effects to make the bird look majorly creepy! Here's a before/after look at brave model Tina Martello:

"The pretty ones always make the best monsters!" - Tina Martello before (L) and after (R)

Transformative, huh? After a few short hours, I pretty much forgot what she looked like as a normal person! Hopefully before long I can get a clip of some sort up here on the site for you all to check out.

That's it on the homefront for now; please stay tuned for more updates as they come in!


Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Hi everyone,

I've been doing a lot of traveling in the past two months and have finally settled back in at home for a while. When I wasn't spending all this time moving around from place to place, I started to re-assess my purpose and priorities in terms of my career, the arts. One of these priorities is to change my site in order to more properly represent myself as a person.

Since high school, I've always been told to present myself professionally; at auditions, when submitting, everything. I have always followed that rule, even with the creation of my professional website. However, I think it's become a bit stagnant as I feel more like a mouthpiece and less like a person. I need to do more (or perhaps less), to allow myself to come through personally in this site. While I am the product I try to sell, I am first and foremost myself and I believe that has been lacking a bit in terms of this page as well as the news blog.

This can only serve to benefit me more, for all the successful artists and actors I admire are accessible to the extent that you know what kind of person they are, but professional in such a manner that they are able to generate and receive work. If I'm able to put more of my personality in my site online, it'll give casting directors a better idea of me while at the same time being able to clarify for myself what kinds of projects I am drawn to, and which ones I am not.

For those of you who are keeping up, my thanks and appreciation to you as I wind through this journey. Not only of a site change, but the journey an artist takes through all changes.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

LORE: A Mystery Awaits

The World premiere of Deviated Theatre's second original work: "LORE: A Mystery Awaits" debuts this weekend at Dance Place in DC (about 2-3 blocks from the Brookland/CUA metro station).

Photography by Enoch Chan, 2009

We'll be holding another silent auction before each show and yes, there will be refreshments again.

Saturday, 4/25 @ 8pm
Sunday, 4/26 @ 7pm

For directions and parking, please visit:

Tickets: $22/gen. admission - $17/students/k-12 teachers/seniors - $8/children (2-17 yrs.)

For tickets by phone call: 202-269-1600

For tickets online go to

Tickets will also be available at the door, but be forewarned, at our last debut at Dance Place, we sold out and had to turn people away-- family members included!


Monday, March 2, 2009

Trailers Galore!

I'll be performing in "Aspiro" with Deviated Theatre again this weekend, this time at the American Dance Institute in Rockville, MD (about 0.5 mile from the Twinbrook metro station).

We'll be holding a silent auction that begins an hour before each show, containing fun things like gift cards to area restaurants, makeup consultations, travelling magicians, and even quirky artwork! Refreshments will also be available. Following the show, there will be a short preview dance from Deviated Theatre's second original work, "LORE: A Mystery Awaits," with which I am also involved, and is world-premiering in late April at Dance Place.

For those of you that missed it in January, it returns this weekend only and will then be touring out of the DC/MD/VA area until... who knows!

Saturday, 3/7:
Silent auction reception @ 7pm
"Aspiro" performance @ 8pm
"LORE" preview @ 10pm

Sunday, 3/8:
Silent auction reception @ 2pm
"Aspiro" performance @ 3pm
"LORE" preview @ 5pm

For directions and parking, please visit:

Tickets: $25/gen. admission - $15/students

For tickets by phone call: 301-984-3003
For tickets online go to:
Tickets will also be available at the door on the day of the event.

Check out the YouTube trailer here:

In addition, the run of Ma Lien and the Magic Paintbrush continues Saturdays at 2pm at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre
in Frederick. This past weekend, Reiner Prochaska filmed the show and some extra footage and whipped up a nice little trailer! Watch it below:

Aside from performing, I am currently enrolled in Dody DiSanto's Neutral Mask Comprehensive classes at The Center in Tenleytown.
I'm only on class #2, but I highly recommend it to any actor who wants to focus on communicating with and becoming more aware of with their bodies.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Ma Lien and the Magic Paintbrush

Hey, it's been a while! I've been busy rehearsing for my next few upcoming shows, here's information on one of them:

The Maryland Ensemble Theatre's Fun Company presents


Saturdays only at 2pm from Feb 14th - April 4th
Please note there will be NO PERFORMANCE on March 21st!

"Paint from your heart..."

Ma Lien wants a paintbrush more than anything in the world. One night, a fairy appears and grants her wish. But Ma Lien's paintbrush is magic- everything she paints becomes real!

Adapted by Gene' Fouche'
Directed by Allison Lepelletier
Featuring Ryan Brown, Karli Cole, Ashley Hall, Michelle Simms, and Vanessa Strickland

Price: $13.50
Ticket prices include a $1.50 handling fee

Order online at:
Please do not submit online orders less than 2 hours before the performance you plan to attend

OR call the box office at:

Box Office Hours:
Tuesday-Thursday 10-3
Friday 11-3
Saturday 1-3
Box office reopens one hour before performance time.

All performances take place at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre, 31 W. Patrick Street, Frederick, MD

Parking can be found at the S. Court Street garage, less than a block from the theatre.

For more information, please visit:


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year, New Show! "Aspiro" Trailer

"Aspiro" by Deviated Theatre
at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center in the Dance Theatre University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742

Friday, January 23rd @ 8:00pm
Saturday, January 24th @ 8:00pm
Sunday, January 25th @ 7:00pm

(runs for one weekend only!)

Runtime: 1 hr. 45 min. with a 15 min. intermission

"A quick look around the rehearsal room and it's clear that Deviated Theatre is not your typical troupe: One performer rolls away a unicycle while a couple of actors munch on carrots, an aerialist unrigs her crimson silks from the ceiling grid and a stagehand gathers assorted costumes and a basket brimming with maybe a hundred party masks."
-- Lisa Traiger, The Washington Post, 7/2008

"The opus was inspired by a 1998 painting by [Enoch] Chan of the Three Mythological Fates who spin, weave and cut the lifelines of human souls. Their sinewy bodies were reproduced on hand-painted unitards, and the painting's panels of red became red aerial fabric onstage. An enormous warping wheel through which dancers and actors enter aids the Fates in measuring each lifeline. Other characters of the underworld are imaginary: a girl with a white umbrella, a haggish keeper of the masks, and two hobo-like grim reapers. A flavor of circus and sideshow washes over the many souls of the underworld who hobble around with the burden of their histories and await reincarnation."
-- Kimmie Dobbs and Enoch Chan, "Aspiro" press release, 11/2008

"Aspiro consists of two acts and 15 scenes of modern dance and minor acrobatics set to a twisted story line reminiscent of Edward Gorey's children's books... What was most inspiring about this spot-on performance was not only the level of professionalism but also the sense of purpose in each dancer and in the show as a whole."
-- Ruth Reader, Baltimore City Paper, 10/2008

Please note that buying tickets in advance is strongly recommended.

$35 for adults
$30 for students/seniors/groups
(a group = 10 or more people)

You can purchase tickets here:

Or call the box office at the CSPAC:
301-405-ARTS (2767)

For directions to the Clarice Smith Center, please visit:

For production photos and further information, please visit: