Maryland Ensemble Theatre: A Clockwork Orange

Photography by Joe Williams, 2011

Deviated Theatre: LORE

Deviated Theatre: Aspiro

Photography by Enoch Chan, 2009-2010

The Fun Company at Maryland Ensemble Theatre: Ma Lien and the Magic Paintbrush

Photography by Jon Paul Duvall, 2009

National Children's Museum: The Truth About Bunny

Photography by Jillian Finkle, 2008

Synetic-Family Theatre (Classika Theatre): Momotaro

Photography by Ray Gniewek, 2008

The Puppet Co.: The Wizard of Oz

The Puppet Co.: A Midsummer Night's Dream

Photography by Christopher Piper, 2007-2008

The Unmentionable Theatre: Chaser & Buck

Photography by Damon Meledones, 2006

University of Maryland, Baltimore County: Victor Frankenstein

University of Maryland, Baltimore County: Ubu/Ubu in America

Photography by Rich Riggins, 2005-2006

University of Maryland, Baltimore County: The Bald Soprano

Photography by Damon Meledones, 2004