Thursday, October 2, 2008

October Already?!

Where did September go?

I suppose it's a good thing to say I've been busy this past month, hence the lack of updates. But now that I have a moment, I can divulge what I've been up to!

I attended several auditions throughout September and began teaching my Shakespeare class on Thursdays. The students in class are really sharp and are completely diving into the Shakespearean language.

Last month I also attended the 3rd annual Actor's Center Expo. I love going to these as I feel I get a lot out of them and meet new people every year. This time around I focused on taking voice-over and on-camera workshop panels and suffice to say, I learned a lot.

That following Sunday, I was did a shoot with Brillhart Media for a viral commercial for the Adventist Reader Magazine. The crew was really delightful and sought to keep us all very comfortable and entertained, even!

Just this week I filmed another how-to video for It was another makeup video with local artist Roger Riggle, specially filmed for halloween. I figure it ought to be up on the site within the coming weeks. I feel I did a much better job this time around as I've gained so much more film experience since this time last year.

I've got a shoot coming up next week as well as a wedding-- so I'll be signing off for now and hopefully will update a bit sooner next time (or is later better?)


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