Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Hi everyone,

I've been doing a lot of traveling in the past two months and have finally settled back in at home for a while. When I wasn't spending all this time moving around from place to place, I started to re-assess my purpose and priorities in terms of my career, the arts. One of these priorities is to change my site in order to more properly represent myself as a person.

Since high school, I've always been told to present myself professionally; at auditions, when submitting, everything. I have always followed that rule, even with the creation of my professional website. However, I think it's become a bit stagnant as I feel more like a mouthpiece and less like a person. I need to do more (or perhaps less), to allow myself to come through personally in this site. While I am the product I try to sell, I am first and foremost myself and I believe that has been lacking a bit in terms of this page as well as the news blog.

This can only serve to benefit me more, for all the successful artists and actors I admire are accessible to the extent that you know what kind of person they are, but professional in such a manner that they are able to generate and receive work. If I'm able to put more of my personality in my site online, it'll give casting directors a better idea of me while at the same time being able to clarify for myself what kinds of projects I am drawn to, and which ones I am not.

For those of you who are keeping up, my thanks and appreciation to you as I wind through this journey. Not only of a site change, but the journey an artist takes through all changes.


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