Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Vote for my Dorito-encrusted FACE!

UPDATE! - apparently I was mistaken and a panel of judges have already chosen the top 6 commercials. We didn't make the cut, but you can certainly still watch the commercials by following the links below! Thanks again to those of you who stopped in to check them out. :)

So... those two Doritos commercials I did in fall '09 that I linked up here?

It's time for viewers to actually vote for their favorites! Voting opens today (1/5/10) so please swing by and check out my two commercials and give them your votes. If one of them wins, then our commercial gets featured on the half time show at the Superbowl (and the cast and crew gets a nice chunk of change as well).

"Roommates" features an adorable dog licking Dorito-dust off my face, while the "Chip Fumble" consists of a group of friends tackling each other for the last chip... so take your pick or vote for both!

Here are links that'll lead you directly to my two commercials:
(Please feel free to skip through the flash intro as it will take you directly to the video)



“Chip Fumble:”


Thanks! Further news on the horizon as it comes in!


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