Saturday, April 24, 2010


I would have to say the title describes this month of April perfectly. I booked two short film jobs through personal references this month: "Yellow Socks/INVICTA" as a makeup artist and "Confession," as a supporting role.
By the end of April, I will have performed in my first 48 hour film project!

Please come out and support us: "Team Peterwagon," by checking out our screening:

Team Peterwagon premiere:
Tues. 5/4/10 at 9:30pm

at AFI Silver Spring Movie Theater
Buy Tickets Online staring Monday, April 26th!
(We are in "Group B")

In other news, "Yellow Socks/INVICTUS" was shot April 11, directed by Rob Parrish of Hopper Video and produced by Tom Mallan and featured actor Ian Armstrong.
My job was to show the decay of poor Ian's dead body. Below are a few stills of my makeup work. No worries, there's nothing terribly graphic, but it was interesting for me to do
research on the various stages of decomposition in humans:

all photos by Rob Parrish, 2010

I have yet to see the completed product, but just from the stills it has this feel of Wes Anderson-meets-David Lynch. Creepy-yet-kitschy.
Be sure to check my makeup page in the near future for more stills and concept art.

My next film this month was "Confession," a short written, shot, and directed by Matt Hanlon of Town Center Films. Much of the
story will remain under wraps for now until the short is posted on Town Center Film's website. I'll definitely share a link to the film here as well as soon as I'm able.


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