Wednesday, October 3, 2012

"HOLLY" Press News & Reviews

Photo by Ryan Maxwell, 2012
HOLLY DOWN IN HEAVEN at Forum Theatre has seen some great reviews this week, and Dr. McNuthin herself got some shout-outs:

"One [doll] is played by puppeteer Vanessa Strickland – the Carol Channing look-alike therapist with a great voice... [Director Michael Dove] keeps every actor as real and as matter-of-fact as possible, which makes the lightning, clever dialogue real and meaningful... Holly... is an entertaining night of theater and an honest look at adolescence and growing up." (click for full review)
- Jessica Vaughan, DC Metro Theatre Arts

"This delicate middle ground between blameworthiness and sympathy is the strong point of Corthron’s character writing, and director Michael Dove sensitively blends humor and poignancy. Under Dove’s direction, the show grows organically as it progresses, starting as a witty and irreverent take on a sad subject, and ending on an earned gravity, without losing any of the script’s sparkle... Vanessa Strickland shines as Dr. McNuthin, a foul-mouthed Carol Channing ventriloquist doll with psychiatric leanings." (click for full review)
- Robert Duffley, DC Theatre Scene

"However, the show belongs to Maya Jackson who gives a revelatory performance as pregnant teen Holly and…a Carol Channing puppet voiced by Vanessa Strickland... Dr. McNuthin gives Holly the adult guidance she desperately is seeking and Vanessa Strickland excels with bringing it to life.  Her comedic moments and vocal inflections are priceless.   Without someone as strong as Strickland in the role, the puppet could have been too much of a one-note joke, but Strickland made it work. Really work."
- Jennifer Perry, Broadway

We've had a lot of press leading up to opening, too, which you can read up on here:
HOLLY DOWN IN HEAVEN was also featured as a "Top Stop" in the Washington Post Express today, Wednesday, 10/3.

Shows continue tonight through Saturday at 8pm and Sunday at 2pm!  This Friday, 10/5 is our Young Professionals Night, so if you're under 30 years of age, come take advantage of our special $10 tickets!  Call the Forum box office at 240-644-1100 or email tickets [at] forumtd [dot] org to reserve!

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