Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Young Olympians take Washington, DC!

Excitement abounds, folks!  This summer, "The Young Olympians and the Most Amazingly Awesome Adventure Ever!" a MET original musical, is going to Capital Fringe Festival this July! I built puppets and props for this show and am thrilled the MET is getting to debut at CapFringe with such a strong piece.

To help get our footing on this most radical opportunity, we're raising funds through our IndieGogo page:

And you can lend us a hand by sending some funds our way. Going to Fringe is an additional project that is outside our normal season budget, so your support is immensely appreciated!  Plus, since MET is a registered nonprofit, all donations are tax-deductible and we have perks for those who donate up to a certain amount!

For a sneak peek at what you'll be supporting, check out our music video of one of the songs from the show (Bonus points if you catch the 'Breakfast Club' reference):

Photo by Joe Williams, 2012
"It's time to be BRAVE!" Make a tax-deductible donation today at

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Many thanks for your constant support.  :)

[Young Olympians] is presented as a part of the 2013 Capital Fringe Festival, a program of the Washington, DC non-profit CapitalFringe.

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