Monday, June 6, 2011

Help produce the West Side Story Project for gang & at-risk youth outreach!

This August, Maryland Ensemble Theatre will be producing "West Side Story" in collaboration with the Frederick County Police Department. The police approached MET with the idea based on a pilot program that had been done in Seattle in 2007.

MET has an opportunity to win $25 grand to fund this project through the Pepsi Refresh Project. We can use your help to get this funding, and all it requires of you is a moment to click a few links and send a text!

You're allowed to vote for us 3 times each day in 3 different ways:

1) Text 106790 to "Pepsi" (73774) to vote via your mobile device

2) Log in to the Pepsi Refresh Project through Facebook and click "Vote for this idea" here on our page

3) Create a username and password on, login and vote directly on our page

Thanks for your consideration, with your help, MET can win this!


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