Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Wow! What a crazy July... I survived Cap Fringe and managed to actually see 5 other shows while performing in two (read: three) of them. Yep, I know I initially said two, but at the last minute, I jumped in as a replacement for "cloudism" for their last performance. GREAT experience, although it was a short one. I had "seen" the show the week prior, so I had some familiarity with how it ought to play out. Both "I Like Nuts! (the Musical)" and "Pascal's Aquarium" both opened to great reviews and lots of positive comments from audience members.

As times presses on into fall, I'm happy to announce that with the change of weather, I'm welcoming new changes: I've been inducted into the Maryland Ensemble Theatre as a company member! I've been working with them on and off since 2009 and I'm excited to be able to work more regularly with them. I'll be posting my next show here soon, which is with the MET, so keep checking back for updates. :)

As a friend of mine always closed her journal: "Mahalo,"


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